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I'm wondering if I should run...
Mud Lites
or Blackwaters like I have.
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It all depends on the terrain you ride and the ride quality you can live with.
if you like to ride in the mud alot, than the outlaws would be the best choice by a mile. however the new 30 inch mudlite would also be a good choice for the mud. it would probably not pull as good as the outlaw but it would not tear up your bike as much; if you dont ride in the mud all of the time and want a good all around tire I would suggest 27 or 28 mudlites or 589's (itp of course)
if you want something a little cheaper for soft-core mud riding the sumper swamper tsl from INTERCO IS A GOOD CHOICE.
go to and go to atv tires on the home page and you will find a large selection of tires. they may not have the best prices, but it is a good place to find the tire you want ,........
SHOP AROUND FOR THE BEST PRICES if Ifind a cheap site I'll let you know
i say run the outlaws.....go big
Bi/Tri combo or Vampires all around.
I was leaning way towards the outlaws before I put this post up. I think that they would be my best choice.
Have a look at what a set of bi/tris look like on a 450es... Theres more in my album in sig. Cant go wrong with these tires. Only 28" Laws are better mudders, and these are only 27s, with 10psi there 27.5, and get to 28s with 15 - 20psi
I like those tires, I'll have to look into that.
I don't ride mud all the time but I do enjoy it. I do alot of trail/rock/mud/forest riding and before I bought my tires I tried to do some research on tires. Considering I have a 450 I wanted to keep the weight of the tires down while maximizing lift and traction. I went with 27" mud bugs. They were quite a few pounds lighter than any of the others I looked at and they have just as deep of a lug as the mud lights, or just about any other 27" tire I looked into. I did loose noticable power none the less but not nearly as much had I gone with a larger/heavier tire. Thus far Ive been very happy with them and I am able to go everywhere my friend does with his 28" mud lites. They may not pull through the mud like some of the Bi/Tri claws or whatever else but the fact that I kept some power while drastically increasing where I could go was worth the decision. I have attempted to make up for the power loss through a K&N, DJ kit and a HMF pipe which is on the way. Thus far I have been very pleased.
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Well put Heals.
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