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I want to upgrade my tires for my 05 foreman. Not too much mudd riding,but a lot of rocky trails. The stock tires are fine for now, but I can tell they will wear down quick. Any suggestions or web sites?[/b]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts is cheaper. For rocks and trails look into Bighorns or Dirt Devils. They ride smooth and wear good.

thanx for the advice. I think Im gonna go with kenda bearclaws from trax motorsports. Question: Can I go with 26's instead of 25's without a lift.

05 foreman 500
I have 26" Outlaws for the rear of mine and they fit. You should be able to fit 27s w/o a lift and have zero rubbing.
I have 27" Dirt Devils on mine. They rub sometimes when going downhill. Going to get a lift kit ( 1 or 2") soon.

My 28's rubbed the first day i got them. but then customized the plastic so it would give more room between the tire and the fender. Heat gun worked great molding it my way.
Thanx for the info. Im gonna put a lift kit on and get bearclaw 27's. I dont need any more than that as far as tires go. Even though I have room for the 28's now (w/ the lift). Im sure things will get bigger and better as time goes on. I only got the quad a month ago.
I have 589s on mine and we have lots of rocks but most of the rocks are moss covered or mud covered. They do great for the trails..... When these wear out going to get another set......

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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