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Tires shipped flat

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Got new 26" Bearclaws today and they were ship wraped squisshed together so much that one tire the beads are stuck together.First question is whats the best way to get them to a normal shape so i can mount them. Heat ?? Second question whats a good tire pressure to start with. Thanks in advanec for any imput
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Isn't that fun when they do that? If they're really bad, I've left short pieces of 2x4 holding the beads apart for a week or 2 before. On some tire mounting machines, they blast air past the lower bead into the tire spreading the beads enough to start the seal while putting air into the valve stem.

That'll usually do it.
Maybe let them sit out in the sun for awhile,that should soften them up. I start out with 10 psi in my new tires for a few rides then lower it down to 4 psi.
my executioners were like that when i got them, they were also stuck together i just picked them up and slamed them off the gound and they broke loose. when i mounted mine i just sat on mine and forced air in them. another way is to get tie downs and strap them around the tire and just pull and they will make the sides seal on the wheels.
Hey guys thanks for the help , as an auto mechanic i've beaded many pain in the A## tires, these are badly deformed so I took all your advice and thought for a sec . I went and got a 13" inner tube put it inside the tire off the rim and filled it , It pushed the tire out and made it round again I left one tire overnight and it's perfect , Now only 3 more to go .
That's a great idea!!! I was looking at some tires today at the store and they were all smashed like this. I have never seen or heard of it before today.
that sux, they messed up your tires. put it this way, bearclaws take forever to run down so you wont have to do this again for a long long time!!
Great idea.
Smart thinking
Update ... Tires on now and looks sweet. I have had them at 15psi for a few days before the ride tommorow to let them stay round. My question is my stockers were at 3psi all the time what is a good pressure for these I do moderate mudding and alot of trail any input is appreciated.
I found that 3 psi all around worked best on my bike when I ran 25" bearclaws.
Took them out for the first time and were awsome on the ice holes but not to good on the skidoo trails ,witch were smooth ice with snow on top LOL Lucky I did not need the winch either.

Set tire pressure to 3.0psi Thanks H4
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