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Tires for summer

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I have a 06 foreman and I need some tires. Since it's summer I ride mostly creeks with a min. amount of mud. Mostly sand and fields. Also I ride on the rode alittle going to the creek. My question is what would the best tire for me would be.
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I've been reading on tires for a while. I came down to the swamplites or bighorns. I've been told that the bighorns outlast most every other tire and gives the best all round performance. I'm moving up to 26" tires from stock though and everybody has there own interpretation. I ride in similar type of area but add a lot of rocky sand and logs. I'm about to buy the bighorns just want to find out some lifetime tread times. I noticed tread depth is on the minimal side compared to the other tires, so how do they last so long?
They are radials.
For what it's worth, I love my Bighorns. So far, I've put over 60 miles on my tires and can't see any signs of wear. I ride in just about everything but snow.
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