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Tires for Foreman 500

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Hello everyone.
I am about to purchase a new Foreman 500. I have a few questions and think that yall could probably help me with.

What are the largest tires that I can install without putting on a lift?

I plan on doin mostly mud and trailriding. I want the most aggressive mud tire that I can get that won't beat my brains out when occasionally hit the street.

What are some of yall's opinions on the mud tires on the market?

I have seen some 4x4's that run the wider 12" tires on the front instead of the 9". How much more difficult are these larger tires to turn than the smaller front tires? I like the look of the larger front tires, but don't wanna have ta put my beer down to be able to turn the handlebars.

What other accessories do yall suggest I get before I leave the dealership? I plan on purchasing a winch and stick stoppers with the bike.

Do you suggest the extended warranty?

Any suggestions that yall may have are greatly apprieciated.

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27's will fit with no lift, if you want a mud tire I would go with outlaws or mudzillas. Mudzillas are going to ride smoother than outlaws, your foreman wont have any problems turning them.

The warranty is up to you, some buy it and never use it, some use it more than enough to justify the purchase. It pretty much depends on how you ride, also make sure you think of future plans for the the foreman if you have plans on adding things that might void it then why bother. I bought one with mine but will only use it for big fixes, it is just too much trouble to put it back to stock and then wait forever for them to fix it when I can do it myself and fairly inexpesively. Also check out your local shops, some of them are a pain to get anything covered under warranty.
Thanks for the reply. What mods would void the warranty. I have a good friend that is in the service dept at the local dealer, so I think he would be able to cover me if their were an issue. I don't plan on gettin too outrageous with add ons. I would not put on a snorkel. I'm sure that is a red flag when you arrive at the service dept.

I looked at a new one with 26" tires and no lift at the dealer and looked like they would be close if you hit bump with the wheels turned. I'd hate for one of those big lugs on the tire to snag the lip of the fender and rip it off the bike.
I have 26 inch vampires on mine right now and it has no problems. I hope that helps
i put my 27 vamps on my before the lift and they didn't rub under heavy riding but when i bought my fourwheeler they said a tire larger than 26 will void your warrenty basically the only thing you can do to one without voiding the warrenty is small tires and wheel add-ons
My 27inch claws dont rub on mine, and I have since taken the lift off and they still fit perfectly.
Thanks for the advice guys. Any suggestions on what brand of tires? I dont want a tire thats gonna beat me up too bad when I hit the pavement. I see a couple of yall are running the vamps. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Bnjeep - it says you run a detroit gearless locker. Is the stocker an open differental? Do you run the locker in the rear or both front and rear? How does it affect the steering?

Sorry for all the questions, but all my prior experience has been with sport quads. I'm new to the 4x4 thing.
The gearless locker locks up the front Diff when the wheels are straight. Bu twhen they are turned it allows one tire to spin faster than the other, making turning easier, when it is engaged. The rear is positively locked, just like sports quads.
the vamps vibrate quiet a bit but i have a friend running mud bugs and his brother runs gators and they say they run smooth, swamp witch is almost like a mst they run smooth on asphalt but the asphault is hard on all tires
Even Laws when going faster than 5mph start to smooth out a bunch. I never understood people saying Laws or other aggresive tires ride like poo. If you run the recommended P.S.I. you will be fine/comfy reguardless of which tire you pick.
i have 3 psi in mine and they vibrate like a truck with swampers and roar slightly not to bad
We must have diff. opinions on whats ruff then. Although 29.5'' Laws supposovely ride better than the smaller size I think mine ride great. Anything below 5mph on hardpack and you can tell they are knobby though. Although I check mine and I have no air what so ever in mine anymore.
Shoot, i'm running puny little 26 inch Mudlites and they vibrate pretty good when i'm driving slow and that's in my gravel driveway, it's even worse on pavement.
it dont bother me i am getting 29.5 after christmas or maybe before dont know but i like to have something catch a bite not ride smooth
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it dont bother me i am getting 29.5 after christmas or maybe before dont know but i like to have something catch a bite not ride smooth

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Thanks for the info guys. I plan to ride the river, do yall have an opinion on how some of these tires work in wet sand? I had a pair of blackwaters on the back of a sport quad a few years ago and they sucked when crossin the river. The stockers were better than the blackwaters in the wet sand. My sport bike weighed bout half of what this 4x4 is gonna weigh. Dont wann have to be winchin myself out at every river crossin.
Outlaws are not the tires for mud. Ecspecially w/ a lot of air in them. It is hard to find a "mud" tire that works well in sand too.
Outlaws are not the tires for mud.

what do you mean
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Outlaws are not the tires for mud.

what do you mean

Sorry I meant to type SAND!
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