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They did an atv pull this year at the county fair. I seen it, I'm planing try it next year. Trying to figure out what size and kind of tires I'll need. The pull tract is red clay hard pack, and they dampen it to keep dust down.
pretty neat to see, they had a couple rincons set up with the double tire set up. and another one that had nitrous on it, not sure what it was supposed to do. nothing to could get enouph traction to need more power.

Okay here you go. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>


your not gonna be able to spin them fast enough to do anything. those tires are built for high speed high rpm tractors, not your ol mans 14 horsepower craftsman.....

i have a ariens 16hp altered stock tractor i pull with. heres a picture of it. im running 23x10.50 carlisle super lugs with 40 ounces of fluid in each tire.

you can get the tires from midwest super cub but if you got the power to get up to speed, its gonna start hopping and the only thing thats gonna make a full pull is parts off the fourwheeler when you start hopping.

i'd strongly suggest super swamper tsls not vampires with the shortest and widest side you can get. another good tire is the vampire asx. 26x13 on all 4 and if you have the power, you'll outpull everything at the track.

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