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tires for atvpulls

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They did an atv pull this year at the county fair. I seen it, I'm planing try it next year. Trying to figure out what size and kind of tires I'll need. The pull tract is red clay hard pack, and they dampen it to keep dust down.
pretty neat to see, they had a couple rincons set up with the double tire set up. and another one that had nitrous on it, not sure what it was supposed to do. nothing to could get enouph traction to need more power.
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Not sure on that one, never rode clay. I would say that you would want a tire that would spin pretty good but yet bite pretty good, maybe 589's or mudbugs or something. I would think that outlaws or similar would to aggresive.
That looks like the perfect tire, what size are those.
nevermind, holy sh1t $600 for a pair of 26's that is crazy
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