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tires for a 2000 Foreman 400 with 12 inch wheels

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Don't know where the guy got them, they appear to be Honda wheels, not aftermarket but they are 12 inch anyway. Tires are major slick. I want a mildly aggressive tire but I don't want it to ride rough over hardpack. My 300 4X4 had Carlisle Trax Max all the way around and they rode fairly smooth. Mywife works at a tire store in bookeeping so I get an employee discount which is tires at cost. But selection is somewhat limited. I can't get mudlites. Here is what I can get. Carlisle: AT 489 andTrax Max, Cheng Shin: All Tak, Dirt Devil, Lumber Jack ( which I feel is the most underated unrespected tire on the market) Mud Buster and sure trak.
And Good Year Mudrunners.

If I go the same size all the way around, ( which I do not know if it is recommended) I can also get Goodyear Rawhide grip and Goodyear Tracker P. I am leaning toward the Trax Max since they have served me well in the past. No problems after 160 miles of mountain riding in Eastern KY.

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I say if they worked well for ya in the past why change it up go with what you are going to feel most comfortable with and something that you are not going to wish later that you hadn't done
Well spoken Dirtyrider....
their are far more better tires then what you listed. i'd choose the mudrunners out the list.
i agree with lifted450es, but out of the list id either pick dirt devils or mudrunners
I can get the Trax Max for $38 a tire, the dirt devil for$41 and the Good year Mudrunner for $80
Yes... But you also get what you pay for. What is the ply on the cheaper tires...If it is 2 ply like stocks, I wouldn't bother. You will pop it as soon as you run over a cypress knee....
You can't really go by the ply rating anyway. The PSI rating on the side is your best way to tell. Below is a copy of an email I got last year from a Tech at Goodyear.

Per your email question let me first address Ply Ratings and ATV
tires. There is no formal testing guidelines establishing
requirements for ATV Ply Ratings. Note that some manufactures
market their ATV tires with Ply Ratings but often times this
has no correlation with the number of plies in the tire. One
guideline is to determine the star rating 1 Star (4psi), 2 Star
(5psi) and 3 Star (7psi) for a tire and Goodyear Dunlop have
equated these different ratings to 2 Ply (1 Star), 4 Ply (2 Star)
and 6 Ply (7psi).

Therefore to answer your question we market both Mud Runner and
Rawhide ATT as 3 Star (7psi) or 6 Ply rated. This is not
stamped on the sidewall of the tire.

I ran the Max trax over all kinds of rocky terrain on a 100 mile Black Mountain ride last month and they never got the 1st puncture.
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