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tires for 92 trx300 2wd....

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I'm looking to buy some new tires for my 92 trx300 2wd. Stock size are currently Front AT 23x8-11 and Rear AT 25x11-9. I'd like to get bigger tires, but since it's only 2wd I don't want to over do it. What size would be best and what tires would be best (and on the cheaper side) for mostly trail riding with a little mud?

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You could step up to 26X10's probably in the back, 24X9's in front. On what type......goes on and on. Probably no point in putting an aggressive mud tire on front since it's 2WD but you could do MudLites, Vampires, etc. on back and some sort of good front-end tire (easy to steer) for your fronts.
i had 25" 589s on the back of my old honda 300 2wd. it went really well in the mud for a 2wd. i also had 25" tires on the front but they would rub when i turned all the way. i would go with 26" on the rear and 24" on the front, that would not be too big.
thanks for the replies. I was hoping to find some super swampers for the back but can't find any that would fit. I'm now looking at the Mudlites for the back and probably some titan 489s in the front.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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