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tires for 500 foreman

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yall im lookin for some tire for my 06 foreman 500 s 4x4 im lookin into 27 or 28. i was wonding if 28 would rub if i left it stock . the 28 would itp mud lites. 27 would either be kenda executioner, mudd buggs, mud lites or itp 589s. i do about 50/50 trails and mudd so please put your input on these tires. tyvm
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I have an 06 foreman s with 27" ITP 589's and for hard pack and muddin their really good. I only run about 4 psi in each tire. But I did alot of research before I bought them. You can get 4 27" ITP 589's ship to your door for under $400 on ebay. But I do alot of mud and hard pack surface and these tires are good. I have a 2" lift but I didn't really need it for the 27"
maybe for 28" you might but hey it lifted my front really good. Also the bigger the tire the more power upgrades you need to do to turn them in mud.
I run 27" 589's and no complaints from me so far, very good all around mud and trail tire. My dad has over 1,200 miles on his and they show very little sign of wear. Also with the 27" 589's I did not notice hardly any power loss.
thanks guys um still researching any one have any information on the interco super swamper light 27 in has 1 1/4 lug depth sounds nice any information would be helpful
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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