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Tires For 2005 Foreman

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I need new tires for my foreman and do not know what kind to buy. I am looking for suggestions. I go to events like the Texas ******* Games, Shilow Ridge in Alto, Marshall. What tires would be good for this kind of riding?


2005 Foreman ES Stock
Itp Type 4
Stock tires
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For those of us that do not have clue what the riding is like in those areas we could better help you if you told us the specific type of riding you plan to do.
red neck games was almost 100% sandy trails-- stock tires, lol

alto, thats a can of worms in it self. alto has holes big enough for trucks with 53" tiers to get burried in. lots and lots of mud, the red mud...

give us a better idea of what kind of riding u do the most.

trail, mud, water.

or all of the above?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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