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tires for 1996 honda 400

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just bought a 96 foreman with factory wheels and tires and looking to change to a bigger tire. will be adding a 2" lift kit and wondering if 27x8 will fit on front. would like to keep rims but im sure i will have to change them.
any help would be appreciated

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adding a 2" lift to a 400 will max out the balljoints and axles, so be carefull. The 400 will handle 27" tires with just a 1" lift. you may need to do alittle triming on the rear, the front will fit fine.
Not a great selection of tires to fit the stock 11" wheel. I'm running 27 x 10 on the front and 12's on the rear with no problem but I had to get new 12" wheels to get the tires in that size.
Like Dirty said, carefull with how much lift you go with. I originally did a 2" lift and was replacing ball joints left and right. I lowered the front by 1" and left the rear alone. By the time you sit on it, it just about levels out. I have 26" Mudlites on a set of 12" Grizzly rims. Got the rims for peanuts and had to get a set of moose 1 1/2 spacers that widen out the rear by over 3". Seen guys take Rincon rims and turn the rear backwards for the right off set.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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