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tires and wheels need help asap!

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what is the best size and width for a great tire? WHat tires should i get....
i go in muddd and water and trails...BEST ONLY>>>thanks
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Hmm thats a hard one. I would say OUTLAWS. Depending on what kinda mods your going to do or already have done I would say you would be safe with some 26x10x12 and 26x12x12
since you ride do trails some i would go with a tire like the itp 589s. they do good in mud and are a ok trail tire. also the kenda executioners might also be a good tire. they are good in all round riding. for the width i would go skinny up front because the bigger you go in the front the harder the steering is. for the back it dosent really matter too much wider would let you have more bite and will help float in the water and skinny would not get you as muddy and dig you down in ruts to get traction.
best in mud is outlaws or mudzillas, for trail and mud... mud bugs, mud lites, or ITP 589's are good, also a really good mud tire that rides a little better than outlaws but is exceptional in mud is 27 inch bi-claw and tri-claw combinations.
ok that helped me a im prob gonna get the mudlites...what would be a great size to get for 26's ...wut is a good width for the front and rear for my 06'...thanks
10s and 12s I would go with 27s though. the Foreman can handle it for sure.
QUOTE ("Robb":2xhs62fy)
10s and 12s I would go with 27s though. the Foreman can handle it for sure.
Yeah even a stock Foremanshould handle them. Make sure to get the XTs (Deep Lugs)
I have 26x9x12's all the way around but i don't mud a lot. I like the way they handle on the trail and when i'm crossing creeks and rivers, they also seem to do pretty good in the snow.
the mud bugs are a awesome all around tire this guy i ride with put em on a rancher and they do better in the mud than i would have ever expected wider is better
Love the MST's great all around tire!! and i got them for $275, hehe.. got 26x9.5-12 and 26x12-12...
I've seen good things from the swamp lites.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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