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tires 12x12x26 or 12x10x26

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whats better to put on all 4 the 26x12x12 or 26x10x12 on all 4
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don't go any bigger than a 10 on the'll be a bear to turn and will probably rub perty darn bad
thanks whats the best tire
what kind of riding do u do
I have 26" mud lites on my 06 foreman, 10" on the front and 12" on the rear. I am very happy so far. Just my $.02
some water lots of mud and some pavment i want some that will hold up
the mudlites do really good in the water
will22 i have 4 mudlites and rims for sale. size in sig
my mudlites are a great all around tire.
I like to run the same width tire front and rear.I have a set of Executioners (26x10) and it seems to work better in the snow,compared to my bro-in-laws AC with 10's on front and 12's in the rear.It may be different for other types of terrain,but the narrower tire works better in snow(doesn't float up on top).I've been in soupy mud to the top of the tires and had no problem,kept pulling through,but I wasn't in someone elses ruts.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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