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I have a 2005 rubicon and i am thinking about gettin 28 inch swamp witches. Was wondering should i go with 28x10 or 28x12 in the rear?
Also what will in need to add to the bike to fit these and turn them over.
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i would get 12s so you have the extra sability. as far as fitting a lift would be you best bet you might have to still bend the front finder supports. you experince power loss but if you got a pipe and filter you will be good. will other than that you sould be good
"Big Rub"
Also what will in need to add to the bike to fit these and turn them over.

JWJR your really picking up on here!

I went 12x12's because everyone on here said to. I wish I had the money to have a set of 10x12's and see what the real differences are. I know the 12x12's are way heaver! But like JWJR said a k&n, pipe and jet kit should make up the difference. Some say they did not notice a power loss but if your like me you will notice one. Mine are only 26's also.
the 12-12's are heavier, but like JWJR said, they do add sability. i like wider tires for mud riding becaue they offer a little bit more traction and they help keep the 4wheeler floating on top of the mud. but since your bike is stock and your going with 28's it might be a better idea to go with thinner tires so you will have some more power.
I just got 27" swamp witches mounted the other day and they look great. I went with 12 in the rear. I think that the 28's might rub if the bike is stock. The 27's clear but the 28's might be a little big so flaring out the rear fender might be in order, also you will probably have to do something with the front braces in the wheel well. As far as the power loss, I haven't had it out on the trail yet but I got a HMF pipe, Dyno jet and K&N at the same time and I think it has more power even with the 27's, when I hit the gas the bike really comes alive and I can't noticed any reduction in power or performance. If you just put on the tires it will definitely be sluggish.
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