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Tire wont pop on the bead.HELP

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We had an ITP 589 on a Rancher get popped off the rim on the outside of a front tire.We have tried the soapy water thing and 25 pounds of pressure to get it to pop back on.It just will not pop the bead back on.Can we try to put motor oil on the tire or something.Help.I need to get this tire to bead back on.
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I've never tried it myself but I heard you can use a ratchet strap around the circumference of the tire and put some "squeeze" on it....this helps squish the tire so the bead will seat then you can air it up.
Something I have done myself but can be very dangerous is to use some starting fluid and spray a small amount inside the tire and throw a match on it...."BOOM" the tire is on the bead.
I don't recommend trying it unless you or someone you know has actually done it before.
We can get it to hold air.but there is still one half of the bead that does not seem to be going on all the way.Ive put the recomended maximum pressure in it and it still doesnt want to go on all the way.
i would try what Yooperforeman said, but try the ratchet strap one first. the starting fluid one is very dangerious but it has worked every time for me. maby try some more air in it too, just dont blow it up.
ya the rachet strap is easy. if that dont work starter fluid will work... its loud when u though a match at it so take it out side...
He said the tire is holding air, just that the bead won't pop all the way on. So a ratchet strap or something else around the center of the tire will not help.
You gotta add air until it does pop on. Any tire retailer puts way more air than the reccomended max pressure to fully seat the beads. The max pressure is max for everyday longterm use, not for seating the bead and then reducing pressure back down to normal.
Motor oil will not hurt anything- tires are made partially of oil anyway. Also you can try airing it up and then riding on it for a while. This will usually pop the bead fully into place as well.
Thanks,I was worried that the motor oil might cause it to pop back off.
If you got air to hold but not the bead the strap will not help you. We had one come off the wheel one time and I was telling them to "SOCK" the air to it they were all scared so I put 40psi or so to it let it sit for about 20 sec or so and it popped right on. just put the air to it.
another tip

Just another tip....add more air 50 psi will not hurt the tire. Second, dont use motor oil. Use windex because it will evaporate and not leave you with an oily mess.

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