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Tire width

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Can someone please tell me what the distance is between the left and right wheels, from the inside of the tires. I attached a pic to try to show what I am looking for. Front and/or rear wichever is narrowest in inches. I need to know to see if the ramp that I want to purchase will slide underneath my ATV when it is loaded. I have stock tires and wheels inflated to 3.5 PSI. The ramp I am interested in is from model # DOM853. They told me it is only 26.5" wide when folded and 5"high and 92.5" long. I'm just not sure if it will fit at all or if it will be pretty tight.

Thanks in advance
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26.5 is to wide on my bike but i have 12inch wide tires on the back if you are planning on staying with a 10 inch wide tire on the back you should be okay...........take a tape measure and measure it out they dont list it in the owners manual
I can't get to my bike for a while to measure it since I am out of town. I am wanting to get a ramp because it is due for it's first service at the dealer and it is a pain to lift it up into the truck, even if you back into a ditch. For now I plan on keeping the wheels stock since they work fine for the riding I do.
haha i wouldnt lift mine period, i love my trailor
Slightly more than 27.5 inches on a Foreman with 11inch wide tires.


i think that you should be fine
I went to the manufacture to try it out. It's to tight of a fit for me since it would scrape and gouge the sidewalls of my tires every time I loaded it. Didn't want to cause any additional tire damage if I didn't have to so I won’t get it. So my search continues.
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