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Tire Wear

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Which tire wears the best on pavement? I have to ride on some roads to get to one of my favorite mudding places.
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You will have a problem one way or the other. The better a tire wears on pavement, generally the worse it will be in mud. Tires that wear well on hard surfaces are generally close together and more as far as the tread design (Lugs). And the smaller closer tread will be no good in mud. I wish you luck, let us know if you find something that works.
OK let me rephrase that: which hard core mud tire wears the best on pavement? Mud Lites, Gators, Laws,...
well the lites arent exactly hardcore but sso far my zillas seem to be wearing quite well
Well you get my point anyway...
I had Laws before and they seemed to wear okay on pavement.
are laws rough on pavement or is not enough to worry about since it is a mud tire
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are laws rough on pavement or is not enough to worry about since it is a mud tire

They are bad. My Bi/Tri claws are smoother than the Laws. Claws are smoother offroad and do well in the mud.
i ride on pavement a lot and my zillas still look almost new and they do great in the mud
yep the zillas seem to be god on pavement havent had them in much mud yet or been able to test them any wher els good since i currently only have 2wd
anyone had experice with dirt devils
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anyone had experice with dirt devils
I have 25" dirt devils with 700 miles on them and they're like new.I ride mostly gravel roads and dirt,sand mixed trails.I've never been in mud past the top of the tires but I thought they pulled good in the mud.
Hey Yooper, I'm just waiting to pull the trigger on some Dirt Devils, my question to you is what is the actual height of the tire compared to the written size? Ive been told that Dirt Devils run 3/4" small and that if I want 26" tires I should order 27" because they will actually be 26 1/4" when new. Any help would be appreciated. Also I dont go in mud more than 1/2 to 2/3 the tire depth at the moment and wonder how they performed overall. Thanks
i also have 25 inch devils they are pritty good i have the 25s tho so they ate the AT not XT but over all i like them will try nd get back to you on size
Claws and zilla's will last the longest. riding the laws on pavement will round the ends off.
where can you get Claws at i cant seem to find them
high lifter has em but not on their site i got a catalog from them and their listed in there
i dont have HL catolog and cant seem to find how to get that ether
My dirt devils are 25x8-12 front and 25x10-12 rear.I'll measure the actual height tonight and get back to you.I'm pretty sure if you buy 26 inch Dirt Devils then they are the XT version,which has a deeper lug than the 25 and 27 inch sizes.
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