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Tire suggestion

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hello - I am looking to get some new tires.

I currently have 25 inch tires.. what tires would you recommend for someone that does 50% trail 50% mud,swampes and things like that.

To get to these spots that I ride I have to travel down about 10km of dirt road so I don't know if this is something I should consider. I want a tire that will last a long time.

Also I need more ground clearance so I want to get some bigger tires.. what size do you reccomend?

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mud Bugs are a good all around tire, if you want something with a little more "bite" Mud Zillas are a pretty good tire
vamps are a good wearing tire but dont really do good on trails but do good in the mud. Also 589's are a good wearing tire that does good on trails and ok in mud.
my bi/tri claws are great in mud, good on trail. they come in 27". only wear i can tell in a year is from where i have ridden them on the road which will get any tire. i've been very happy with these.
Swamp Lites. They are great in the mud, and also wont beat your teeth out on trails. I run 29.5's and love them.
Here is a link to a side by side comparison on another site. This guy is in oklahoma like me so we ride some of the same places. I bought a set of 27" mud lite XL's

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ation.html</a>
You can't ever go wrong w/. a set of ITP 589 m/s's. You should be able to clear 26's w/ no problems. There a all around excellent tire. I've been in moderate amounts of mud, lots of trails & hill climbing & I have no complaints. Plus, you won't sacrifice to much ride on your ATV. I have 1100 miles on mine & still have plenty of tread left. Good luck
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