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Tire Size ?

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Looking for some maxxis Big Horns for my foreman, would like to go with a larger tire but i dont want to feel a loss of power. would 26" feel much different than the stock 25"

I know bighorns arent made for mud , but do they do well at all in the mud?
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They would prolly do descent but not anything spectacular! I would go with the 26" avalible size......i doubt you notice a big difference
I'm turning 27" Bighorns with no problem and no mod's. As far as mud, they are better than stock but defanitly not a mud tire.
You will notice more of a power difference from traction more than tire size. There is alot more resistance to a tire with traction over a tire with no traction.

I have 26" Mudlites and I bought them for the same reason as you. I didn't want to loose any power but I wanted something good in the mud. Midlites are the lightest mud tire out there and do decent in the mud. They are great on the trail and so-so in the soft sand. But now that I've had them, I'm moving up to a 27". I have a stock bike.

You'll be fine with almost any 26" tire.
ok thank you
Hi Dale,

I see you are in Charlotte, you are pretty close to me.

I have had the BigHorns at Brown Mountain, Brushy Mountain Park, and on the Hatfield McCoy Trails in WV and they were fantastic. As others stated they are not a true mudder tire (and don't claim to be) BUT, they easily take me thru anything at all of those locations. They do have an advantage over a true mud tire, the thread is non directional, so if you get into a mud hole and can't go forward you can usually back out since the tread works both ways and the lower reverse will let you spin the heck out of them.

They are excellant at everything else, unless you are going to be wallowing in mud pits most of the time you will be VERY happy with them.

Dave, Have you tried out Carolina Adventure World in South Carolina yet?
They have endless trails and difficulty levels for everyone . and a nasty mud bog depending on the rain.

So i shouldn't go with the bighorns if i want to play in the mud a little? I liked the reviews on them because of the strength and the wear on asphalt?
Haven't been there yet. Quite frankly I have always been a mountain trail rider(over 40 years) and when I get on flat land I am bored. Mud bogs don't hold and fasination for me either, I personally don't get it. Give me a steep rocky mountain trail so steep that I can't stand up on, or a blazing fast mountain trail and I am in heaven. I just got back from one of my favorite riding places (top secret) , 100+ miles of trails on over 5000 acres of mountains.

Anyway, for occasional mudding you will be OK, you won't be the first one out. BUT, if that is your main focus or even close to 50% focus I would get the Mudlite XTRs, etc.

However for trail riding and rought terrain, the BigHorns are the best and you can push them as hard as you like.
there were a couple hills there that were pretty difficult since we went after about 3 days of rain but yes there are not any steep mountain or rocky trails.

yea the Xtr's were the other tires im looking into.

so brown mountain and brushy mountain pretty good places to ride? my cousin went to brown mountain one weekend, (prob didnt take a map) and almost didnt find his way out )

Uwharrie Park East of where i live has really rocky terrain but is more geared towards jeeps and rock climbers but is open to Atvs and bikes
Brown Mt is more technical and less "structured" as compared to Brushy.

Brushy has more trails and they are marked well, actually too well for me, I find all the signs distracting. Brushy is not "hip" to Utility Quads and will not let you ride if you r tire lugs are over 3/4". They even came out and measured my BigHorns when I arrived.
Their trails were designed for Sport Quads and MCs. I made every effort to make the trails more "Utility Friendly" while I was there

Both are about 2 hours or less from Charlotte and highly recommended!
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