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tire size

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what do i have to do to put 30'' tires on my 07 foreman.i think i need to cut out some of the fender well and foot rest?
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HL fender kit and a 2" lift ad they might clear.
But, dont be suprised if you need to cut some plastic.
I think you would need a huge lift and likely have to stretch the swing arm out as well and heavy offset or spacers on the front. Doubt you would be able to turn them very well without a gear reduction. Let us know how you make out but I personally feel 27's are as big as you would want to go even with mods, maybe a 28. I run 27 outlaws with a lift, pipe, filter, jet kit etc and ride with tons of the big dogs and if I can't make it through neither can anybody else.
I wouldn't waste the money on 30" tires unless you have a gear reduction sitting in your hands. Even if you had 4-Low, 30"s are just too heavy for a 500cc bike to push.

thinks for all the info. i still need to put a jet kit and clutch kit before i do anything more with tires. i will more tha likely go with 28'' tires 30'' are bit to costly anyway.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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