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Tire size.

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I would like to install 26 inch tires on my 2007 ES 500 4X4 Foreman. Do not want a real heavy tire, I do not do a lot of mud riding But do loose trail and snow riding. I have ATR,s on my King They do not clean at all and not good at all in greasey dirt, I have Black Water on my Rancher Great Tire But can not find a Local Dealer.
PLEASE Advise on what you recommend
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I like the Kenda Executioner,I don't think they are heavy and my Foreman 500 handles the 26" like nothing.I have 26"x 10 on front and rear.They ride pretty smooth too and wear like iron.
Thank for the info. Tires look good. It looks like you have the tire mounted on Delta rims, No Problem with rubbing when you turn?

Thanks Again
the ex's weights are:
25"=27 pounds
26"=29 pounds
27"=32 pounds
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