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Tire Size

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I have a 2000 Foreman ES (2" lift). Does anyone have 30" mudlites on this type of atv? I currently have 27" titan 589. Would I have trouble turning them in mud? I have a power kit and a pipe. How much trimming would I have to do if I went with 14" rims?
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I have some 30" zilla's mounted on an S model and had to do alot of trimming on the real floorboards. I had to cut the bottoms completely out and pull them forward for them to clear. Here is a post with a few picture.
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Dirty4man - Have you had any problems due to the big tires / rims? How long have they been on? If I got a clutch kit, would it help spin these tires in the mud? Should I do anything esle?
I have only made one run on the 30's, I upgraded from 28" zilla's. My bike done well with the 30" zilla's, but I also have alot of money invested in mods to help turn them. Yes I have had many problems running the bigger tires on my bike, busted axles, diffs, ball joints, tie rods. If you ride hard you going to break something.

IMO You will notice a big power drop with the 30" mudlights. The clutch kit will be a plus to help get the tires turning in the thicker mud. your biggest problem will be the clearance issue of the ES model floorboards. The mudlights are not a real aggressive tire so I think you will be fine in most situations.
Do you have any close up pictures of your custom floorboards? They look good, but I really can't see how you did it.
They are not custom made. I believe they are the Strong Built brand floorboards. I got them from the local Honda dealer a few years back. I will double chech the name when I get home.
Dirty4man - How did you connect the fenders to the new floorboards?
I just drilled a few holes on each side of the floorboard and installed some of the plastic fender push pins
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