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Tire size

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I have a 2001 honda foreman 450 es. What is the biggest tire you can run on them "front and back" ???? and can you run two different size tires on the "front and back" ????? i do not know if that will tear up the transfer case or not???????
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I wouldn't go any bigger than 27s if your running stock, you could do 29.5s with mods, and running 2 different tires sizes would definetly rip up your tranny and transfer case, it is possible though if you change the gear ratios in the diffs to match the tires.
Thanks for all the help any more ideas would great. I forgot i do have 1.5" lift on the front and the same on the rear.
I run 28x9.5 Outlaws on my bike with a 2" HL lift. I could fit the 12.5" width tires on it, I just liked the narrower (and taller)9.5" tires over the wide ones. And yes, your bike will have NO problems turning them over. Don't let anyone tell you to only run 27" tires if you want 28s.
I ran 28s with a stock bike (besides lift). Now I have a pipe/jet/snorkel/etc. and it pulls them great.
the wheels that i have are stock.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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