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Tire size ****

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I have a 2001 450 ES (Foreman)

Stock tires on the machine are AT25x10-12 (rear) and AT25x8-12 (Front)

I am looking to get new tires.

When phoning up parts places, they tell me that, according to their books,the tires are supposed to be different heights, the front is a AT25 and the rear is a AT24. This would mean that the rear tires turn more than the front tires for a given distance, and the transfer case would have to be geared accordingly.

Were the incorrect tires installed on my new stock machine when I bought it?

No one at these stores seems to be able to answer my questions and I am afraid of the potantial damage that I could do to the quad if I put different sized wheels. Can anyone give me a real answer and not a "my best guess?"

What are the stock tire sizes supposed to be on a 2001 Honda 450ES?
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25" all round. 25x8x12 in the front and 25x10x12 in the rear.

8- width
12- Rim height
350Foreman is correct. 25's all the way around. I know some people may disagree, but don't worry about damage, my 2000 I had, it had 26's on the front and 27's on the back for 3 1/2 years and alot of riding with no damage. I ended up selling it to my brother in law and he still uses it today! We are talking about Honda's on this site. You can't hurt them!!!!
They might have been giving you the tire sizes for the Rancher/Recon.

350 is right on tire/rim info
Thanks guys. This was causing me quite a bit of stress.

I am going to go with the ITP mudlites, stock size.

I have been told that these machines do not have the HP to be able to effectively spin a larger diameter tire. No problem for me.

Would it be a good idea to go an inch wider on the front and rear? Thought that it may be a bit better in the mud that way.


25" mud lite Xls are a good tire.
they come in stock sizes, but have a 1+ deep lug, perfect for every condition you could in counter along the trails.
I have a 2004 es and I am running 26 mudlites and have no problem turning them. 26-12 on the back and 26-9 on the front. I am running in first gear alot more but i wouldn't be worried about going to 26's
I do have it jetted and snorkled. It has a little more snap but not much.
Big tires

I have 27x12x12 Vampires all the way around on my 2003 Foreman. I have jetted and snorkeled it and the motor seems to have more than enough power to turn those tires.
jetted means? how come i dont see anyone runnning a radiator relcation on a honda 1999 450? has no one made one?
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Might be cause they are not liquid cooled
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