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Tire Size

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who has actual measurements on there tire size, outlaws, mud B$itch, Zilla's, Vamps, my 27 Vamps only measure 25in front and 26 in the back with 5 psi in them,
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my 26 mudlites measure a true 25 w/5 psi...
Where would you measure at to get an exact measurement. I have 27" Swamp lites. Shouldn't they be 27"?
measure from the ground up at the center cap to top of tread in the center as close as u can tell,
you guys have to remember that measuring the tire while it is on the quad will not give you the correct size because the weight of the quad is putting pressure on the tire, you have to measure them of the quad to get a correct dimension.
Here are the measurements from my ACT XLR's with 4psi (which doesn't change the diameter on a radial much)26x9R12front and 26x11R12rear

From the ground to the top of the tire, the rears measured 25.5 inches high and 9.75 inches wide so if they were measured unloaded (off the bike), I'm sure they would have a 26 inch diameter.

The fronts measured 25.5 inches high and 7.5 inches wide. The lugs measure 1 inch, and the books list them as 1 inch lugs.
I measured the tires on the factory 450ES wheels.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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