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tire size question will it clear them

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i plan on getting a new foreman 500 soon and i was wondering how much cutting you have to do to clear 30'' mudlites or 29.5'' outlaws and it has no front fender braces b/c they arent good for anything anyway, 2'' lift, not afraid to shave the fender w/ a dremel tool too much
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you should have to get a HL Fender Kit to clear either one
whats the HL finder kit do or what is it?
all it does is eliminates the fender braces and thats unnessecary anyway
what does it replace it with
basiclly nothing what you put back on is under the floorboards
Robb has 29.5's without a lift or cutting anything. I think he had to bend the finder braces a little bit. Look around on the site you will find what he did.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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