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Tire size opinion.

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Hi guys just wanted some of your expert opinions , I own 2007 rubi CTE
and i run an 14ITP and 27 XTR are these to big or am i OK dealer says ok and buddys say 26 would be better and right now i can swap sombody for 12/26 almost same rim , Most of my riding is mud and hard trails dont care for speed. If anyone can shine a light my way that would be great thanks.
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I've been riding quads hard in the mud all my life and I also have a 07 rubi and yes mind is modded out to the hill, but you should have no problem turning 27's all day long. The tires that you have aren't that aggressive. Just when you get the chance through a jet kit, clutch kit and a descent pipe you'll really have no prob. Good luck.
Thanks for replay , do you think i'll be fine if i leave it stock for a while ?
till summer time.
Run them. I have a 2006 and run 27 Mud bugs. However I have a EPI Clutch kit. THey will turn them fine, I had 26 mud bugs and wished I had gone bigger. then I went to 27, Now I kinda wish I had gone to 28's. In the thick mud I can tell it is underpowered even with the clutch kit. However for the amount of time you are in this situation it is not a problem. Do it!
I have the same set up you have, but I am running rear tires all the way around and I don't have any problem turning them.You'll be fine in stock trim.
Cool thanks guys , i'll definetlay run them now .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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