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tire rub type 6 rims and 25 inch mudlights on ruby

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I bought a set of c series type 6 rims with 25 inch mudlights 8's on the front and 10's on the back an oticed i had rub on the pipe with two people riding on the quad.
I had 26 inch mudbugs 12's on the back with stock rims and never had a problem but now for some reason with these tires they are rubbing on the pipe. I bought the rims with the intent on putting 27 in mudbugs on my quad and turfin the mudlights but will they even fit without spacers. I had the tire with prob 7 psi with both of us on the quad.
Is anyone else runnin the type 6 rims on the ruby or foreman with rub?
I wonder if all 4 rims are the same offset. maybe when they put the mudlights on they buggered up.
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they may have sent you the wrong offset on the wheels. i know on my foreman and my friends rubicon they are offset a little wider and make the tires stick out. no chance of rubbing the pipe.
i have 27's and they clear the pipe fine. They rub the fenders some but that is it.
Can you recall if the rims had different offset sizes when you bought them. the ones i have were on a 06 rincon and fit fine. I am still looking on how to measure the offset, to see how much they are,
i noticed you have a rubicon, they may have have sent you wheels for a rincon mistakenly. it has irs and very little offset..
You know i think you are on to something. I am going to have to check this out. The rims were off of a 06 rincon so maybe that is the case.
definatly then. compare the inside wheel wells of the two. tire will sit a whole lot closer to the pipe on rincon wheels.
Sounds like wheel spacers then, I got too good of a deal to pass them up.
oh yeah. they say that wheel spacers are hard on things, but if you don't ride too hard they may help you out. by the way there are warnings not to double on your bike. i think they may say not to drink also. lol
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