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Tire recommendation and sizing questions

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I need to get new tires for my 04' Rubicon and first wanted to get opinions on which brand/type and model you would recommend for basic trail riding with occasional mud but nothing extreme. The stock Bridgestones actually worked fine. But I would like to go one size up from stock and really need to know if I need to worry about anything and would I need to install a lift kit, because I do not want to make any mods to this bike. Also the stock tires are 25x8-12 & 25x10-12 and would 26x9-12 & 26x12-12 fit on the stock rims?

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sounds like mud bugs or gators would be good for you. my cousin has a rubicon with 27" gators with no mods or lift. i know 27s will fit so im positive 26s will fit fine without any lift. and yes they will fit on the stock rim. no worries hope this helps
Excellent. Thanks now I can begin the search. I appreciate the help.
If your not going to be in the mud that
much take a look at Maxxis Bighorns

I have 26X9X12 Front & 26X12X12 Rear
gained and extra 1 1/2" clearance

I really like the sidewall protection
also I have over 3000 miles on mine and just starting to
show wear

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Yes! Thats the look I want. Great Pic, Thanks. I gotta find them, I'm assuming you have no lift in? I don't want to do anything but install those exact size tires on stock rims.

The Big Horns Run about an inch bigger

I have not installed a lift as I also wanted to keep it as stock
as possible,I lost about 3mph on my top end no big deal for me.

Here a Great review on Bighorns By Greg Jacobs & .ATV. Online Magazine
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... horns.html</a>

So far the best place I have found for price is
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Good Luck & Keep us posted
I am running 27x19x12 Front and 27x12x12 Rears on Mudlights. I do not have a lift but I did have to trim my fenders some where they did rub some. Other than that they are fine
Hey Girl, Thanks, Nice look, I like the rims. Even though I want and plan on keeping my stocks its nice to see you took the time to get the right rims to keep your stance correct. I always see the same rims installed front/back and I know it has to affect the ride and handling somewhat. Also I am sticking to the 26's mainly because this bike is more the loaner I let whoever is with me ride it and I don't want some of my bigger friends to bottom out the tires to the fenders. I do love the look of the 26's on Northwoods with the stock rims. I know I'm the minority but I really like the stock rims on my Rubi with the deep rear, On the Rincon I am looking for an aftermarket that works for me because they do nothing for me. To each his own I guess, right?
Excalty what are these forums for if people can't have diffrent styles and tastes. What works for one doesn't always work for others. You spend the money on ur ride do what cha want to it.
Northwoodsdon.. where did u get that front bumper for your foreman i need a new one.. and that one looks sweet.. if u have a website.. llet me know adam
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