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tire recomendation

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I am looking to buy either 29.5 mudlites, 27 mud b#$%h or 28 589's
either one i buy im going to put them on itp ss112 rims.

I ride mostly everywhere. Anytime i find mud i go into it even if i know im not coming out lol. But i do ride alot of trail also, i just want to have a big atv. What do you recomend for my formeman, and remember all i have is an hl clutch kit and a winch.
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I am alot like you, I ride a good mix of everything. I just bought a set of Mud Lite 27" XL's and everybody had great things to say about them. Also, here is a link to a side by side comparison on another site. This guy is in oklahoma like me so we ride some of the same places.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ation.html</a>
You should check out the Outlaw MST's. I have them on my wifes Grizzly 350 and they are on SS 112's. The are way better than a Mud Lite, cost less and the look and perform awesome. I used to have the 589's and they are a good all around tire but the MST's are better. If you like the 589's I have some for sale in the For Sale fourm.
If you are going to consider the Outlaw MST's I would get the swamp witch. They are really close aside from the sipes but the swamp witches are a lot less. The swamp witch rides really well on the trail and do wonders in the mud. They are going to be a little heavier than the mud lite but will wear better. Just my 2 cents.
Out of the ones you mentioned I'd say the Mud-lites,but I've read where the Bear Claws scored high for an all-around tire.
I have ITP SS112 and 27" ITP 589's now thats a good combination for everything for mud, water, dirt, hardpack, and towing. They also do good in reverse.
i love my 27 mud lites wouldnt buy another to go on mine
Mudlite's and bearclaws are both great all around tire's...I went with 26"mudlite XL's and love them...
I really like my 27" 589's.
I have 27 inch vamps. I like them.
Or you could go with the big dogs, OUTLAWS! Don't try the rest, go with the BEST!
I do want laws, but what size do i go with? i dont wana put a lift, and i just have a clutch kit
go with 27 x10's all around. Shouldn't need a lift.
If you go laws you will need the fender kit, or you could probably get by wuth aftermarket rims. I had 27 x 9.5s on mine with itp rims and the 2" lift and would still hit the brackets in the front.
don't need fender kit. I took my brackets off, put them in a vice and bent them in. Tires don't rub anymore.
Go with 27's but get the 27x12.5 for the rear. Don't be scared to trim a little fender plastic. You can trim it with a Dremel very easy. If you don't mind a little stiffer ride get the HL Springs. They are a sturdier spring so you will not have as much compression of the shock when you are on the bike. And they do not cause stress on the drive train decause you are not going with a bigger shock it just extends the shock to capacity. When you sit, it compresses.
Ok for a set of 27 in laws on itp steel wheels costs $615 from atvv Does anyone know of a place the has them cheaper? I wanted to get ss112 rims, but i dont wana go over $700
I highly doubt you will get 112s and Laws new for $700 or less. Just my SS's were 400.
JRICH Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 10:06 am Post subject:


I highly doubt you will get 112s and Laws new for $700 or less. Just my SS's were 400.

I paid 660 for 27 mud b#$% and the itp 112 wheels, u got ripped on your wheels man.
I got the ITP SS 112 mounted on ITP 27" 589's ship to the door for $745.00
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