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tire question

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Will 27 589's fit on a stock 04 Foreman without any lift and on the stock wheels? I have someone offering them to me and wanting to be sure.

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They will definitely fit the stock rims.I'm pretty sure they will fit the bike without a lift,maybe have to bend the fender supports some.
a 27" should fit with slight rub, but i thought 589s always measure an inch smaller than what they are, example 27" tire is really a 26" tire...not positive but i believe that is what i read...someone verify that for him
Thanks, I guess I will try them since they are being given to me. A guy had them on his ATV and he punched a hole in one. Had it patched but never put them back on. They only have 2 rides on them. Also they was on a Rhino I forgot to mention so think they will still fit or too wide for stock wheels??
i have seen 27" claws on a 450 before and they didnt rub, if i am thinking right the 450 fender supports are different than the other hondas so you should be fine there.
Any idea on how much power I will loss? I am going to purchase a pipe, jet kit and jet kit next month but in the mean time. How bad will this hurt my power? Are they that much heavier and how much heavier then mudlites? Thanks and sorry for all the questions.
i think you'll be say just get them from him and if u dont like them or they dont fit then sell them and make some money outta the deal
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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