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tire question

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anyone know what tires these are

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They look like swamp witch's
I think they are INNOVA ATV TIRES. I seen a set on a brute force last weekend and they looked bad a$$!
Innova's Mud Gear Utility Tire - March 2005

Big Mud Lugs

The folks at the Achieva Rubber Co. tell us the Mud Gear Utility Tire made by Innova Rubber Co. will handle well in most conditions, but is designed to attack the mud. Large directional lugs reportedly dig in to get riders out of difficult conditions. Available with 6- or 4-ply-rated sidewalls, the tire can be used on most utility ATVs with two-wheel and four-wheel drive.

Value of the Product: Maximum traction in loose, conditions
Suggested Initial Order: No minimum
Dealer Margin: 40%-50% (volume discounting available)
Marketing Tips: Mount on a showroom model or a rim to show off tire's features

For more information, call (877) 328-8868
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They are Swamp Foxes, save pic to your desktop and open it up with
Microsoft Office picture manager and increase picture to %200 and then look at it. They are like a 27" or 28" tire with the deeper, more aggressive lug. Here is a pic of the swamp foxes I have saved.
yep, Swamp Fox's.
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