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Tire Presure

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What does everyone run for tire pressures? I just got some new mud lites and they are way stiffer than stock (which is good), but I was wondering how low can I go for air pressure? I am at 3 psi right now.
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I usually run 4 psi in all four tires.Sometimes I'll go down to 3 psi to try and get a softer ride.
Yeah, i am at 3 psi right now, but have not had been able to put many miles on them like that. Thanks
i keep them at 4-5psi, they pull pretty good. they ride allright, no radial by any means, but they are allright
3 psi all round seems to give me the best combination of ride, handling and traction. As for how low you can go, I ran them at 2 psi in the snow with no problems.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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