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Tire Hop

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Hey guy i was just wondering if ya'll had tire hop with your mud tires cause i do, just wonder what i can do to get rid of it if, if i can. i can let off the gas and it stops but then i quit spinin the tires to.
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That is when your tires are getting some traction but not all it needs. the best thing to do is back up and get moving and hit it again. if you keep up the hopping you could break a axel, just from seeing it happen.
well im from minnesota and riding in the snow there isn't much traction, but when i dig down and catch the ground it starts hoppin, i don't like it but i dont think i can stop it. do you guys get the hop in the mud? i hope not or im not gunna have to much fun this spring.
the only time i have that problem is when i'm pulling someone out of a mud hole..i have only seen snow once and never road in it so i can't relate to whats going on with your atv...i guess you never had the problem with you stock tires....??
no problem with the stockers they just spun all the time. owell maybe if i break my axels i can buy some gorrilas
Yeah,I know what you mean.I have dirt devil tires and it hops in the snow.I just stop,back up a few feet and hit it again.

Mine does it in 2 wheel drive in reverse, if I start spinning. No problems in forward gears.
if you are getting tire "hop" or bouncing, you could easily blow out your differential! I have a shiny slightly broken example of it in my shop from a friends Rancher!
i'm going to go with tire chains i think, use the torque instead of rpm. sled tracks are the best to run on,snow cat grooming is like a highway as fast as you wanna go!in the powder everything just high centers then the winch gets a workout. chains would be good in the mud too. other option which i've done to my cr 250 dirt bike would be expensive is studs, studs cost lots then new rubber and rims would be easier but if there is snow 6 months of the year you don't have to deal with busted chains. just flats
lift springs

i used to have alot of tire hop with the 28" outlaws but when i put the 29.5" outlaws and the liftsprings on it stoped hopping and only a little somethimes. i think the lift springs made the biggest diffrence.
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