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Tire for Recon

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My son has a Recon he has the 2" lift, dyno jet, K&N filter, HMF pipe with 22x11x9 gator on rear and stock 25" foreman tires on front, but he wants a 25" tire on the rear, so what is a 25" tire that will fit a 9"? And would you have to cut the foot plastic for it to fit? Thanks
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I just joined this forum yesterday wanting to get a few answers to a few questions and cannot even get a reply from no one.
A 25" tire will fit the Recon without and cutting,but I don't think your going to find a 25" tire that will fit the 9 inch rim.You're going to have to buy 12" rims.
The stock 25x10-12's from my Foreman fit on my Recon,wheel and all.
Thank you very much for the reply. I am a mother and love to go four wheeling but don't much about it when it comes to maintenance and tires. Thanks.
What would be the best mud tire for a recon in a 22x11x9, Gators or Mudlites? I'm currently running 22x11x9 gators and they are good, but I was wondering how the mudlites do. Thanks
there are tires out there that will fit 25-11-9 but that's alot of air in the rear end i would go with 25-11-12 but good luck
I'd get the Gators.
there are 25-12-9 gators. i have them on my old honda 300.
This is my wife's Recon. All bone stock except for the rims and tires. 12" aluminum Rincon rims with 8-12-25 fronts and 10-12-25 rear Bear Claws.

The rears rubbed a bit when the suspension compressed over bumps, but after the tires rubbed about 1/4" of lower fender away, all is fine.

I can't tell any difference in power with the larger wheels/tires. Probably because the combo weighs about the same as the stock steelies.

they do make 25" tires for a 9" rear wheel. here are most of them:
25x12x9 Mudlite XL
25x12x9 Maxxis Sur Trak
25x12x9 Maxxis Mudzilla (very heavy)
25x12x9 Maxxis Mud Bug
25x12x9 GBC Gator
25x12x9 GBC Dirt Devils
25x12x9 Swamplites
25x13x9 Vampires
25x12x9 Bear Claws
25x12x9 Superlite(same as Mudlite)

Those are most of your choices for a 25" tire on a 9" wheel. I would storngly suggest not putting a 25" tire on a recon because of the added wear and tear. I would look into something in the 22" range. Most of the tires on this list make a 22" version. Hope this helps you out.
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The aluminum rims and 25" tires are lighter than the stock steelies with 22" tires. I would have to disagree with the whole extra wear and tear idea.

The Recon turns them just fine with an extra inch of ground clearance to boot.
I'll have to search back but I put 25 in mudlites on all 4 corners of my boys recon over a year ago and this thing is unstopable. I didn't notice any difference in performance at all. Give me a few to search old posts.
Here's the old thread but I don't see the tire size in there. I know that they're 25 x something x something.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ght=#37817</a>
Do you have any pics with the Mudlights? I'd love to see 'em.
I'm not sure if I have any or not. PC crashed a few months ago and I lost alot of pics.I can take some more but I have to get my wife to clean the garage first so that I can get to the quad.....
We have the mudlites on my son's and they pull very good. Have heard good things about the gators though
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