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Tire dismounting ?

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Any body know a easy way to do this. They are easy to break down with a bead breaker, but I cant get a hold of the guy I thought was my friend to let me use his bead breaker.
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The only easy way I know how to do it is to take it to a tire shop. got that right. We swapped out 2 rear tires on a Wolverine once and it took us over 3 hours, i'll never do that again!
I have and use the portable tire changer from Harbor Freight. I think I paid $35 bucks for it. Had it for about two years and it has paid for itself many times. The only down fall is you have to be careful with alum. rims. It will scratch them.
You can also use a 2x4(wooden) and place it on the tire by the bead. use a car or truck to drive up the 2x4. Make sure that you took the stem out of the valve. I have never tried it on four wheeler tires but it worked great on my jeep and tractors! Good luck
The Harbor Freight tire changer works great for atv tires!
dont know if you have access to hevy machereny but at work we break the bead on mack tires useing a backhoe loader excavater whatever is there on rare occastions we actually have to use 2 machines and this is wiht all air out of them
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