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Tire and wheel sizing for 2001 450es

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Thinking of using ITP type 5 wheels and mudlite tires, size 26-9-12 front and 26-10-12 rear. Wondering how they fit, how far they are outside the front fenders and how much mud they will throw up at the rider?
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im using stock wheels so that will affect the way they stick out, but I have 10 in wide in the front and 12s in the rear Mudbugs, and they dont throw anything past the fenders. IM sure someone here can give you better idea how your setup witll work.
most all of the aftermarket rims stick out an inch futher then the stock rims. Unless you get a different offset
The ITP wheels sit out about 1 to 1.5 inches out on my 04 450.The only time you notice more mud on you is after you hit a hole and then speed up,goes everywhere.In my personal opinoin Id find a set of alum rubicon rims and stay clean.The aftermarket rims with the offset makes steering harder all the time and youre always chasing different atv ruts when following others.NOT TO DOWN ANY PRODUCT BUT I WASNT IMPRESSED WITH MINE,LOOK GOOD THOUGH!!!!!!!!
itp rims

Do they stick out 1 to 1.5 inches on both sides????
Yes they do. You can see pics in my sig.
It appears they stick out more in the front,but I think its just the design of the 450 ft fenders and fender flares.Really wonder if you can special order the ITPs and ask for the factory offset,etc...That would be perfect to stay clean,steer easier,and bump trees in tight trails....
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