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Tire and Wheel Help

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I am a new atv owner but the atv isn't new lol. It is a 99 Honda Formean 450es. I love this thing but I still have the stockers on it. I know nothing about atv tires and wheels but I know I want to go bigger and wider all around. I was wondering if 27 would fit on a stock foreman and if I order aftermarket wheels to go along will I need wheel spacers or anything extra. Also since it is a 99 do you guys think it will be to hard to run 27" m/s tires or maybe break something quick due to the age of my atv?
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you shouldent worry about breakin stuff, just be smart. the foreman can handle 27s stock. shouldent need aftermarket wheels unless you want the looks.
With most tires out there you can run aftermarket rims with no spacers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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