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tire and wheel help

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friend of mine has an 05 foreman 4X4 he bought a set of 26 mudlites on polished aluminum rims that came off of a 04 rincon. We went riding sunday and when he sits on it and the suspension is compressed the tire rubs the muffler. We found out a little too late minimal damage was done to the tire but we can't figure out what the problem is we added more air to the rear tires but that did not help. Looking at it the front tires stick out further than the rear tires by about an inch the fronts are 10's and the rears are 12's. Do you think the tires are mounted on the wrong rims, or are the rims different for the rincon vs foreman.

PS the rincon didn't have this problem
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yeah Rincon wheels dont work on a foreman, I think they are 4, what we are used to front off set wheels, due to the independent rear suspension
yeah totally differnt wheels from a rincon to a foreman the offset is wrong like robb said
You could buy some wheel spacers and use them though.
The Rincon "basically" uses 4 front wheels of a SRA bike. There is probably 4 inches of backspacing to compensate for.
how thick of a spacer can you use before the studs on the axle are too short to put the lug nuts on
I think most of the spacers incorporate new studs.
ok yea that makes more sense
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