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Tire advice

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Couple questions.
I'm trading my 27 laws for one or the other below. Give me your advice on which you'd go with?

One guy has a set of 26 in 589's. 9x12 front and 12x12 rears.

Another guy has XTR's 27x 9x12 front and 27x 11x12 rear

Both sets have about 90% tread left. Which are better for all around riding? I will obviously still play in the mud but mainly want something that is not as rough on the trail.
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both would work well for you, but if you still plan to play in the mud I would go with the 27" for the ground clearance.
Yeah, I was thinking of the 27's. I just researched tire weights and the xtr 27x9x12 is 28lbs. the 11x12 is 34lbs
The 589 26x9x12 is 27lbs and the 12x12 (they don't make a 11x12) is 32lbs.
I think for the minimal diiference I should go with the 27 xtr's.
By the way, I can't find a chart for the weight on the laws. anybody know what 27x 9x12's and 12x12's weigh?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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