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Tire 101

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I am soon to be getting some larger tires and I need some opinions. Will the tire that is sold for the rear in the big foot sets not fit on the front? Also is it the best idea for the formans to have a floatation tire as opposed to a skinny tire that can dig down to get traction.
Has anyone used the dirt devil xt, Im thinking that i might go with this tire unless I hear otherwise, and put the 27x12 on all four.
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There is no reason that you cant put the 12s on the front. I regret not buying 12s all the way around. The front rims are a tad skinnier but I dont think it will affect anything.
I think the dirt Devil XTs are a good tire. For dry trails and the occasional mud they wil do great. I would get them, but we are in mud and water a lot.
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