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Timeing Chain

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Is it nessrceary to pull the whole motor out to change the timeing chain? Or can you pull the front end off of the motor to get to it, but still leave the rest of the motor in the bike?
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u only have to pull the front clutch cover off the engine and the cent. clutch out, which requires a puller to get out and the chain is right there. The factory chain is over $100, u can buy an aftermarket DID chain from almost any ATV shop for around $60, u will also need to buy a clutch cover gasket.
When should the chain be replaced for maintenance? I would shed a tear if anytime soon I had to rip the motor back out to be all replaced because the chain broke and bent up everything in the motor.
when the chain starts stretching you will hear a continuous slapping againt the trans housing. As it streches it will kink as well and this is what causes it to break. almost like a valve ticking noise and if u keep running it in this shape, it will destroy the chain tensioner, thats another $100 plus a few. If I had the engine down for any repairs I would recommend inspecting it for kinks and/or other damage.
well i dont think i have that noice yet. About how many miles you think it would need to be replaced?
If I remember tonight I will look in my manual and see if they have a recommended change time or a scheduled inspection. I have 1200 or so miles on my bike and I am still running the factory chain.
yeah im well above 2,000 miles. I have heard of chains breaking with less than that. Man how that would suck.
the book doesnt show anything, just said inpect and change as needed. yea that would not be nothing nice. Like I said you will hear it when it starts getting loose.
Thanks for the heads up Dirty
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