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Time to go swimming

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Just got done snorkeling my rubicon. Was a lil hard to do well the hardest part of it all was takeing the plastics on and off. I took some pictures but havent decided where to cut it off at, if you guys got any ideas let me know. I should of took pictures while i was doing it but didnt realize to until the plastics where on.
Well let me know what ya think
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Some more pix i cut it down about 12 inchs
I like that, that is stealth...good work!!! Did you have to cut any plastics? need to get it so it cant rain in and dirt can drop in from the top somehow.
Nope didnt have to cut anything i was surprised about that.
How is the jetting now? Does it interfere with turning at all.
Looks good, glad to see you didn't need to cut plastic at least on the exterior. Did you put the hose directly into the airbox.

To finish it, I would glue two 90s on the end and have the opening point down. I gues I'll be the only one staying in the shallow end of the pool now. I have some extra hose to snorkle your vents if you need it.
Havent rode it yet but it seemed to rev up fine with out breaking up. If anything it will just run richer because the stock intake pipe in my bike it 2 1/2 inchs i just adapted to the end of that with the flex pipe. I didnt have to cut a thing at all nothing under the plastics or anywhere. As for turning it turns fine dosent get it the way at all.
All this rain it will be a good time to test it out. you can try it out in 40 Acer Lake. See you here.
Well i am gonna be changing my snorkel. I need a 2 1/2 inch pipe couldnt find anything until i went down the shop-vac isle at home depot. The shop-vac's come with a 2 1/2 inch vac hose so i bought it and gonna try to get it fixed by this weekend. Hopefully no more back firing
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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