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Time for Tire Questions!

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Alright everyone, I am looking to upgrade the tires. Does anyone have any input on a good size for the factory rims that will not cause loss of power? thinking about the 589's or the Mud Lites. Thanks for the help! I am sure there will be more questions to follow!
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Keep in mind that whatever anyone has just purchased, is now the greatest tire in the whole that person's mind.

That being said, I have a set of 25" Maxxis Big Horns that will fit the stock rims. I really like them for all around use. I use them on my BF and on my Foreman. Same rims, just need 2" spacers on the back of the Foreman. The BHs are very tough tires. The only complaint I have EVER heard about the is that they are very heavy. That is true. I expect to have these tires around for a very, very long time.

I also have a set of 27" ITP Mudlight XTRs. These are excellent tires for when you want to play around in the mud. Not BAD on the trail, just not really their strong suit. They look nice, are aggressive in the mud and clean out by spinning when you need them to.
Well I think i have it down to the 26" Mudlites, now being the facotry sizes are 25x8-12 and 25x 10-12, what sizes would "even it out" a little? I am really trying to avoid spacers or anything like that. Thanks again to all.

The only reason I had to use the spacers is because I originally bought the wheels for the BF. Since the BF has an IRS the wheel needed a different offset than the Foreman. If you are using the stock rims or buying aftermarket wheels specifically for your bike you will not need any spacers.[/b]
here ya go seeley not 26's but 27's but you'll get the idea
I Like 589's

I've had my 589's on my Rancher and Foreman for about a year or 2. I absolutly love the tires for all different uses. BTW i used the Foreman rims on the rancher and I fit 26x10x12 on the front and 26x12x12 on the back. not sure if that will help on your des.
Well, Mudlites it is. Now, what is the biggest ones I can go with stock rims on front and back and without doing any fender trimming or lift kit?
sent you a pm seeley
i have been pretty impressed with the swamplites and i have 27's all the way around on mine and they are on stock rims
Cool, looks like 27" Mudlites all the way around! Now, I hope I can find them cheap in the stock rim size!
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