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Time for a little upgrade

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I think it is time to make the wife's recon a little more capable. I was thinking of 25x12x9 gators, what do yall think? I know that it will take a lift to clear them, do yall think that it will be able to handle the stuff that we ride in?
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yea the gator is a good tire alot like the mud bug and the recon should be able to turn them
That's the way to go
yes thats a good size for it.
Thanks, i think that is what I will go with, I will have them on before the pumpkin run for sure.
I have 25-12-9 mudbugs and I love them, spins them pretty good. check my sig for pics.
I have 25-12-9 mudbugs and I love them, spins them pretty good. check my sig for pics.
I had actually already looked at yours, that is what made me think of the gators, about the same tire but the gators are like $20 cheaper.
u need a lift to clear 25s
I just put 25" Strikers on mine, Honda place said it absolutely would not work, several ppl also said it wouldn't, put em on anyway, and they work perfect !! They rubbed the black flexible fender extensions just a little but after a couple of miles, they melted and clearanced themselves. Took a pocket knife and cleaned it up a bit, ran it a whole weekend hard, no problems... Don't listen to anyone who tels you it won't work unless they have done it themselves. No lift kit either.. Will do my own later, but it is not necessary. Carlyle Strikers 25x12x9.. Awesome pulling power, it will spin them on moist ground, and traction is unreal for a toy quad. Mine makes believers out of big 4x4's every time I go out. It does require some care to keep it from looping out though !
you might want a better trail tire like a swamp fox. i had gators and they were good tires but my on my girlfriends bike we put swampfoxs and we liked them a whole lot more than the gators. they did much better.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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