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Tight Clutch adjustment bolt

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Hi all !
just wondering if any of you have run into this
the clutch adjustment on my Foreman 500 is tight.
its like the threads are corroded.
the same thing happend to my 350 before i traded it off.
i adjusted it last time a bit by stickin a screwdriver in it sideways.
the problem is you cant feel where the "slight resistance" is.
supposed to turn it to slight resistance then out a 1/4 turn.

can i take this bolt right out to clean up the threads?
or do i have to take the whole front cover off?
had it off to do the clutch kit, not a pile of fun ! and dont look forward to doing it again.
Thanks in advance!
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It has lock-tight on it from the factory. the cover will have to be removed to get the bolt completely out. The only thing this adjustment does is take out the slack out of your shifter. So if u are not having problems shifting, I would not mess with it.
Honda doesn't loc-tight the clutch adj lock nuts .. We adjust the clutch on every Honda TRX with a manual clutch at assembly and have no problems with any yet ..
lock tite

LOL yeah im sure glad they dont lock tite them from the factory !
any way - the 05 foreman has over 4000 kms on it (Can)
and it has been great till now, i think ive made minor adjustments to it 3 times. i can always tell when its just slightly out on the way it shifts
its a common adjustment - just impossible to do when that shaft gets tight.
heard the same thing from a few other honda owners.

long story short - i adjusted it , couldnt get it back for proper freeplay.
ended up pulling the front case off and removing the bolt.
works like brand new again ! -
full pictures and write up and what not here
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

shaft was slightly corroded from the steel/alum. mixed sufaces.
thanks anyway !
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i looked at your pics .. Man your centrifugal clutch has been slipping bad ... Did you check the centrifugal clutch drum & clutch weights for wear ...
clutch wear

yeah i saw that too
minimal wear on the clutch assy - none that i could detect anyway
but it seems to have happend the last 1000kms after installing a shift kit.
i saw the discoloration and just about freaked, but like i say i couldnt see any wear on the pads.
another 3 months and im trading it off anyway LOL
new one every year.

edit: btw this quad WORKS for living - worked hard/ played hard all 4000kms
had a 350 before this - still LOVIN the foreman !
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Since we are talking clutch, My 500 has 220 miles on it. I got the clutch recall done at 120 miles. Mine is very hard to shift cold, almost have to like power shift (catch it just right and proper RPM). Once it warms up good I have no more problem. Is this normal or does it need adjusting/repaired?

depends how cold
i know up north here it can get pretty cold - like -40
the quad will be sluggish for sure - also depending on what weight of oil you run, but it hasnt gotten cold enough here to affect shifting in anyway yet.
couple of degrees below freezing aint cold !
i would certainly check your adjustment. its laid out real easy in the manual
do the 1/4 turn thing and see if it helps. if that dont help - take back to your dealer and tell them to fix it - if its that new they gotta take care of it for ya.
let us know what you find when you adjust it. sounds too loose to me.
Well here in South Carolina cold to me is 65ish. I have the repair book but under warrenty I am not doing a thing. So off to the dealer it goes tomorrow. Thanks for the info, Ill let ya know what I end up with.
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