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Tie Rod Question

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I am going to adjust my toe out on one side a little because with my handlebars straight one side is toed out a little and the other looks like this / (looking a it from the front). I think its ugly and it's wearing my tires something awfull. My ? is how much thread is on the ends of the rod itself, 1 1/2-2" maybe (don't want to run it out too much)? I jacked the foreman up last night and loosened the lock nuts and adjusted it out. Now with the handle bars straight I have the same toe out on either side. Will it hurt anything for them to be straiter and not have so much toe out? Just wanting to make sure before I lock everything back down and take it off the jack. Thanks!
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I believe you are suppost to have a little toe in which helps the handling of the machine at higher speeds
The 4X4 models toe out a lot .. If they are toed in they will dart back & forth on the trail ..

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Opps sorry I had it backwards and didn't look in the book sorry for the bad info.

Hey HM if you lift a quad in the front that will effect the toe correct??
you should have a recall on the tie rods you may want to try that route ..i had one on both of my 05's
Is this a total of 30 or 30 per side and how is the best way to measure it? One more thing, is that a +/- of 15mm, if so that's a big tolerance range(I'm a mechanical drafter used to a tolerance of 0.05mm or less)! Thanks
Yes the bike must be on the ground .. I added the rest of the info ..
Thanks HM! I understand now. Hey Green Giant, whenever I had mine in for the clutch recall I had them run my vin and it was not part of the tie rod recall.
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