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Tie-Rod and steering shaft HELP

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I could really use some insigh on two parts of the steering assembly.

1. Tie Rod removal.
I'm trying to remove the tie rod end from the steering stem. When I try to loosen the nut is just turns and turns. How or what is the best way to get these off the steering stem.

2. Steering shaft bearing removal.
How in the HECK do you get the snap ring out so that you can actually get the bearing out!

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No one has ever had either of these issues!

Could use the help.
I can offer a suggestion on the tie rod removal.First try prying on the tie rod to put pressure on it and then try to loosen the nut at the same time.If that doesn't work then I use a cut-off wheel on a grinder and cut the darn nut/stud right off.
2 17mm wrenchs are needed to remove the inner and outer tie rod ends. If you look inbetween the mount and the rod end itself, it is notched to accept a wrench. no cutting or grinding is needed for anything.

on the stirring stem bearing. once you get the stem out and the old seals are popped out, you should be able to see the snap ring. a mid size set of interenal snap ring pliers are needed. They can be a pain sometimes with all the rust and mud built up in there. just drive the old bearing out, clean it out and install the new one. you can use a long bolt with washers to press the new bearing back in, its not to much room in there for a hammer
Thanks for the suggestions! I got everything off and back together.

Thanks again and sorry to take so long to respond back.
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