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Tie rod adjustment....

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Hey all! Any secret trick or tips for getting to the inboard lock nuts on my tie rods?I cannot seem to find a decent way to get to them & still have enough wrench room to break them!What Am I missing? Thanks in advance!
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inside is definatley tricky. i purchased a craftsman set of "extra grip" wrenches. it has a 19 mm wrench and i was only able to reach it using this. it took forever to get it loose but i only tightened it as much as i could. no problems for 6 months. the set is $20 or so.
oh yeah

i forgot it is from craftsman, sears, not kmart.
I just did mine...what a pain in the pooper! Took FOREVER to break them free, then I bled all over the garage from rapping my knuckles on the frame. To make matters worse, I gotta do it all over again to one side.....toed in too much.

What worked for me was taking the wheels off, turning the handlebars all the way one way or the other, and just working it loose. I will be honest, I rounded a couple of edges on the lock nuts, but was able to tighten them back up nice.
I used a tool that we call a "crow's foot". It's an opened end wrench that goes on the end of your 3/8" ratchet and makes an "L" shape. I used a long extension that put the ratchet in an easy location to turn.
I know the tool you're talking about- don't know why I didn't think of that one! Thanks for the tip. Glad to know I'm not the only one with wounds from this procedure. Thanks guys!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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